We are grateful for support and we would like to thank:

Eesti Kultuurkapital
Tallinna Kesklinna Valitsus
Tallinna Puuetega Inimeste Koda: Tiiu Kristjan, Mihkel Tõkke, Rita Goroshkina, Maarika Mühelbah, Natalja Skalarub, Valeri Bahanov
Taiji klubi: Aivar Kohtla
RMagination Dance Studio: Liana Titova, Юйхао Чжан (Yu Hao Chang)
Eesti Puuetega Inimeste Koda: Helen Kask
Loitsukeller: Riina Klemet
– Tallinna Tugikeskus Juks
Studio Bleis: Roman Bleis
Trumm OÜ: Allan Räim
– ELV tehnika: Elmer Voolaid
Tarkus Keeltekool
Anna Rozenberg
Lidia Mertins
– MTÜ Kakkora: Sylvi Sarapuu
– Hooandja toetajad: Hannes Lõhmus, Külli Kund, Kadri Liis Kussmin, Maria Uppin, Jane Miller-Pärnamägi, Maksim Galanin, Marie Pullerits , Talvi Sarv, Alo Press, Karin Jões-Türn, Роман Панкратов (Roman Pankratov), Kristiina Raud, Els Kütt, Jevgenia Rõbakova, Karin Suss, Tatjana Romanova
Eva Photography: Anastasia Semjonova
Cinemer Film Production: Роман Панкратов (Roman Pankratov)
Tervendavad Helid / Целительные Звуки-Эстония / Healing Sounds-Estonia: Денис Виноградов (Denis Vinogradov), Лилия Мяртмаа (Lilia Märtmaa)
Oliver Kulpsoo
Marie Pullerits
Jari Pärgma
Janne Oja
Ekaterina Soorsk
Gert Preegel
Helen Reitsnik
Laura Kvelstein
Maria Uppin
Silver Soorsk
Mari-Liis Velberg
Tatjana Romanova

Audience’s feedback

We would like to share our audience’s feedback:

– Thank you for the opportunity to experience things different from how we usually do in everyday life.
– It was good and beautiful to watch how sweetly and fluidly everybody moved. That you could watch it from so close was a real bonus. It’s the feeling that you’re in some way also part of the performance.
– The performance was touching, creating many fascinating moments and phenomena. It arose many new ideas and discoveries about oneself and inspired to analyse one’s needs.
– It was a satisfying and wholesome viewing experience. Everything was clear and simple, leaving some keywords: listening and understanding each other, everybody having their own language and story, their own needs. We are together, but in some way alone with our needs and this is why it’s important to really listen to each other and try to understand, support and be there for one another.
– The message was true and movers honest. There were very touching moments.
– I would like to bring forth the light designer. I just really love those clever solutions!
– The music was really lovely and made my body vibrate.

What are your needs?

Friends, write us about what are your needs and win two tickets to the performance “Needs”.
Winners are announced on the 30th October on website and on Facebook event page.